Vizros Plug-ins

Vizros Plug-ins 4.1

A set of plug-ins for Photoshop for creating 3D effects
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4.1 (See all)
The package contains a collection of plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro used to generate 3D effects, such as books with turning pages or wrapping paper, 3D boxes, 3D wrapping images, 3D cylinders, folded pictures, etc. The effects are applied by selecting them in the menu.

This image editing software consists of unique Photoshop compatible plug-ins. The plug-ins provides you with an interactive environment to make real three-dimensional page wrapping effect. All parameters can be adjusted in the compact user interface with real result visualized instantly in the proxy display. You can select color and transparency for different sides of the page and map up to four images on them. By drawing special masks, astonishing three-dimensional effect, like genome double twist, can be made. The software comes with various picture and animation examples.

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